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On 22nd November2019, Marco PARASCANDALO Showcased his collection ‘Salvaged Beginnings’. Inspired by the intricate beauty and promise of new beginnings, Marco’s latest collection took a somewhat introspective turn as he went back to childhood and the beginning of his chosen career path and brand. Inexplicably drawn to the concept of the Maltese taqbila or rhyme, when Marco commenced his research on the subject, he came to realise that that Maltese rhyme originated in the Three Cities he is from and which he feels deeply connected to. Looking back on his first childhood memory, he fondly remembers learning about the taqbila at summer school: a recollection which he holds close to his heart.

Marco’s reflection on newness quickly evolved into him musing about where he started. No stranger to styling, photography and product design, Marco’s road to the conception of PARASCANDALO was nothing if not a colourful one which he is brings to life in the characteristic black, white and neon colours which he has used in past collections.

In keeping with the PARASCANDALO brand, ‘Salvaged Beginnings’ consists of sportswear, coordinated outfits, streetwear and unconventional chic dresses. A range of bags and accessories has been designed to complete the collection with the inspiration for the bags, in particular, being taken from retro shapes and classic silhouettes.

Describing the collection as catalytic, Marco is using ‘Salvaged Beginnings’ as an opportunity to appreciate his past self and open the door for what is to come.

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